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Updated: July 2014

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NEW TEMPLATES EVERYDAY!!! DreamweaverWebTemplates.Com is a template resource of high quality web site templates for Adobe Dreamweaver™ users. These website templates are CSS/xHTML based and professionally created for webmasters and DIY web site design enthusiasts who ideally have Adobe Dreamweaver software (Version 8, CS or higher) but they can be coded in other Web Editors.

This site promotes a collection of professionally designed Dreamweaver Templates, coded to xHTML1/CSS2 standards. These are professionally designed and coded, original, easy to edit with Adobe Dreamweaver™ and very affordable!

1000's of Premium CSS/xHTML Templates & Web Design Products

We supply Website Templates for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD. Web design is made easy with over 100+ Template Categories. These are LOW COST, GREAT VALUE and EYE-POPPING Quality!

Something new every day! Yes that's right! We keep it fresh with new CSS/xHTML Dreamweaver templates every single day! You can get FREE CLIPART & FREE WEB DESIGN PRODUCTS. Check out our new section of Free Clipart and Free Web Design Elements.

Award Winning Quality!

You can instantly see the quality of these template designs & logos. 1,000's of these templates have already been sold worldwide to pro' web designers and home enthusiasts alike.

Check out these great Dreamweaver Template BENEFITS:

Dreamweaver Templates site is a downlaod resource of high quality website templates for the Adobe Dreamweaver software or CSS/xHTML editing.

  1. Easy peasy templates (css/xhtml) compatible with Dreamweaver
  2. Can be hand coded or use other Wbe Design Software
  3. Photoshop or Fireworks .PSD Master file for you to edit / change colours, add logos etc
  4. Web Standards compliant - CSS2 and xHTML 1
  5. CSS2 style sheets to make web-wide changes simple
  6. Compatible with all modern browsers including IE 7+, Firefox 3+ and Adobe Safari 2+
  7. Editable master files, add / edit menu text and links
  8. Professional colour combinations that put visitors at ease
  9. Many have a sample web page to get you started
  10. FAST AND EASY !!! Great for people in a hurry

What is a Template?

Dreamweaver web templates are a pre-made design / web site that are written in CSS/xHTML code. Templates usually come with a master Photoshop, Fireworks or Dreamweaver DWT file were necessary so you can adjust ANY design element you wish (NOTE: the right software is needed).

These sites usually follow a "standard" of a page header, a 'menu' bar, columns and a footer that ARE ALL common to ALL your pages. By using a web template you only need to change these common page sections and the whole site will get updated automatically in Dreamweaver. For example, if you change the telephone number in the Footer of the template - Dreamweaver will instantly amend the footers for you automatically.. SAVCES LOADS OF TIME !

Extensions Make Web Design Life Easier!

What is a Dreamweaver Extension? Gone are the old days when web designers had to painstakingly code each page seperately by hand using a simple text-editor. LONG GONE !! And NOW web sites are built on a fraction of the time thansk to a combination of Dreamweaver and WebAssist Extensions for DW. There are some great time savig and MONEY SAVING gismo extensions that are WELL WORTH having in the Web Design Tool Box. This site was built using WebAssist Extensions and we saved loads of time... Gee I am even using DW and a Template extension to write this page right now !!!

Dreamweaver Templates are high-quality and technologically advanced templates which you can customise with cool drop down menus, eye-catching animation, sound-affects and picture slideshows built in (NOTE: additional scripts may be required). These popular website templates are for online business brochures, portfolios, photograhic or magazine style sites which need the professional high impact but can also be enhanced with cool effects or logos. Dreamweaver Templates are ideal for those that want to own a professional but user friendly and editable website. Yes you can easily update your site with new links, text and images. These ready-made Dreamweaver Templates will help you create image galleries with photo slideshows. You can customize the whole site due to convenient and easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Take a look at these skillfully created Dreamweaver Templates. Wiki for Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Download Dreamweaver templates are easily customizable with minimum programming skills
  • Dreamweaver templates for websites add interactivity and animation to web sites
  • Dreamweaver web templates are more appealing due to the cool and eye-catching use of sound and video.
  • Web Dreamweaver templates with CMS are easy to update by anyone with PC skills.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver templates are professional quality at value prices - saving you 1000's.
Dreamweaver Templates are easy to download and modify to make your website. The collection is the largest on the web so you can choose the one which suits your goals and style. Prices show great value making these professional designed products affordable to everyone. Built from scratch these templates would cost you many 100's at least. If you want your website to look modern and get noticed these templates and premium CSS/xHTML based websites are the new generation. There's 100's of designs and categories to choose from. Search through these Flash web templates and decide on a design which appeals to you most.

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